Alejandra - Latina/Italian, 24 yo, 5'9'', 118 lbs, 34C.  Long dark hair, olive skin, slim with  feminine curves and tiny waist, tattoos.

Alexia - Quebecoise/Latina, 22yo, black hair, olivie skin, very slim,  5'2", 32D, 102 lbs.  Gorgeous face (spinner).

Anaïs - Latina, 25yo, brunette, dark skin, slim, 5'6",  34C, 125lbd.

Angela - Latina, 25yo, 5'7'', 118lbs, 34C.  Black long hair, olive skin, slim with feminine curves.

Anna - Asian, 26yo, light brunette, slim, 5’2”, 110lbs, very pretty. 

Antonella - Latina, 23 yo, 5'8'', curveliscious, black hair, 36DD, olive skin, 128 lbs.  Very pretty face.

Aritzia - Quebecoise, 22yo, blonde hair,  fair skin, slim curvy fit, 5'7", 34C, 130lbs. Firm figure, blue eyes, girl next door look. 

Brittany - Québecoise, 38 yo, 5'1", 100lbs, 32B.  Blonde, very slim (spinner),Excellent massage and great attitude.

Bianca (new) - Indian, 22 yo, long black hair, 5'4", 120 lbs, slim, 34DD natural, very pretty face.

Camila - Latina, 26 yo, black long hair, olive skin, curvy, 5'4'', 36C, 130 lbs, very pretty face.

Catherine - Canadian of swedish descent, 26yo, 5'6", 109 lbs, 34DD.  Blonde hair, fair skin, slim, blue eyes, really pretty face.

Cecilia - Latina, 20 yo, dark hair, light skin, slim, 5'2'', 34B, 107 lbs, pretty face.

Channel - Québecoise, 24yo, 5'8'', 105 lbs, 32B.  Dark long hair, light skin, very slim, sexy librarian look.

Cindia - Quebecoise , 20 yo, 5’1”, 100lbs, 32C.  Blond hair, very slim (spinner). Bubbly personality.

Chelsea (new) - Arabic, 25yo, slim very athletic with tiny waist and round ''derrière'', 5'5'', 115lbs, black hair, 34D, olive skin.   Instagram model look.

Coralie - Québecoise, 27 yo, brunette, fair skin, curvy 5''6'', 36DD natural, 150lbs.  Firm figure, great massage skills and wild.

Daisy - Québecoise, 20yo, 5'6", 115lbs, 34D.  Light skin, slim, tattoos, amazing body.

Dalila (new) - Asian/Quebecoise, 18yo, black long hair, olive skin, very slim, 5'2", 32B+, 100lbs. Gorgeous face. (Spinner).

Danna (new) - Arabic, 20 yo, dark hair, caramel skin, slim with small curves, 5’4”, 34D, 115lbs, beautiful face.

Daphné (new) - Québecoise, 22 yo, dark hair, light skin, slim 5'8'', 32C, 120 lbs, girl next door look, pretty face.

Delayla - latina/Quebecoise, 20yo, long black hair, 5'3", very slim, 32B, 100 lbs. spinner.

Denise - Latina, light brown hair, 26yo, 5'4", 108lbs, 34D.  Beautiful face with a beautiful smile, very slim athletic, great attitude, petite fit body.

Elena (new) - Italian, 20yo, dark blonde hair, fair skin, slim, 5'4", 34C, 110lbs, green eyes, pretty face, girl next door look. 

Elle (new) - Québecoise, 27 yo, fitness model, blonde, green eyes, 5'6'', very fit and muscular, 34D, 120 lbs, Gorgeous face.

Esmeralda - Québecoise/Latina, 23 yo, 5'4'', 105 lbs, 34C.  Waivy dark hair, slim, spinner.  Beautiful face and wild.

Eva - Latina , 22yo, 5'4", 130lbs, 34C.  Long dark hair,  olive skin, curvy.  Very pretty face, smily.

Francia (new) - Canadian/Latina, 19yo, long brown hair, very slim, olive skin, big eyes, 5’2, 32D, 99lbs, very pretty face. Spinner 

Gia (new) - Latin native, 19 yo, long dark hair, 5'2'', slim with small curves, 32C, 110 lbs, asian look, very pretty face.

Hilary (new) - Québecoise, 18 yo, dark blonde hair, fair skin, slim, 5'4'', 34C, 110 lbs, green eyes, pretty face, girl next door look.

Isaura (new) - Latina, 25 yo, dark hair, olivie skin, slim curvy, 5'4'', 36C natural, 120 lbs. Girl next door look.

Ivy (new) - Quebecoise , 22yo, 5’5”, dark hair, green eyes, 34C, slim, 112lbs. Very pretty  face.

Jade (new) - Quebecoise/Brazilian, 20yo, long brown hair, very slim, caramel complexion, big eyes, 5’2, 32C+, 90lbs, very pretty face. Spinner 

Jenny  (new) - Caribbean, 24 yo, 5'6'', 106 lbs, 34B.  Slim and very fit, dark skin, very pretty with a killer body (spinner).

Julie (new) - Québecoise, 22yo, dark long hair, light skin, very curvy, 5'9'', 38E (natural), 170 lbs. Pretty face.

Kassy - Latina, 23 yo, brunette, dark skin, slim with nice curves, 5'6'', 34DD (natural), 140 lbs.

Kaylie - Arabic, 22yo, 5'6", 130lbs, 36D.  Black long hair, tan skin, curvy, pretty face.

Kiona - Vietnamese, 5'7", 26yo, 34DD (e).  Slim, brunette, gorgeous face, great services and attitude.

Leslie (new) - Québecoise, 18 yo, brown long hair, light skin, slim, 5'4'', 34D, 115lbs.  Very pretty face.

Lina - Russian, 36yo, 5'7", 110lbs, 34D (e).  Blonde hair, fair skin, slim, Great skills, very elegant.

Ilona  - Russian, 34yo, blonde hair,  fair skin, very slim, 5'8", 32B, 110lbs. Wild model type.

Louvia (new) - Québecoise, 22 yo, dark hair, slim, 5'7'', 34D, 116lbs.  Very pretty face.  Some sexy tattoos.

Luana (new) - middle eastern, 20yo, light brown curly hair, olive skin, very slim, 5'3", 32B, 100lbs, big expressive eyes. Very pretty face.(Spinner).

Lydia - Quebecoise , 21yo, 5’3 , brown hair, Green eyes, 32B, very slim, 105lbs (spinner), super pretty.

Mai (new) - Asian, 22 yo, 5'4'', 34C, slim 110lbs, long dark hair, gorgeuos face, great smile and great attitude.

Mariel - Quebecoise, 28yo, 5'5", 128lbs, 34B.  Beautiful smile, dark hair, fair skin, slim fit, full of energy.

Melina (new) - Italian, 24yo,  5'4", 34D, 116lbs.  Dark long hair, fair skin, slim, big green eyes, very pretty face. 

Marielena (new) - Latina, 25 yo, long dark hair, olive skin, 5'7'', 34C, 120 lbs, slim with a toned body.

Matilde (new) - Latina, 23 yo, long brown hair, dark olive skin, slim curvy, 5'3"", 36C, 130lbs, girl next door look.

Melissa (new) - Quebecoise, 19yo, long black hair, 5'3", very slim, 32B, 99 lbs. spinner. Cute and naughty atitude.

Mia - Latina, 32yo, 5'6", 130lbs, 34D.  Brown hair, light skin, slim with nice feminine curves. Elegant, very sensual.

Miriam (new) - Native American, 23 yo, 5'3'', blond hair, 32D, slim, 115 lbs, great service.

Missa - Latina, 22 yo, slim, dark hair, 32B, 5'3'', 107 lbs, very pretty face, tattoos.

Morena - Latina, 27 yo, slim, black hair, 34D, 5'6'', 120 lbs, pretty face. Tattoos.

Natasha (new)  - Québecoise, 18 yo, blond hair, light skin.  5'2'', 34C, 105 lbs.  Spinner, pretty face.

Nina - Québecoise of arabic/european descent, 26yo, 5'5", 120lbs, 34DD (e).  Long dark hair, slim with amazing curves, tiny waist, beautiful face.

Pénélope (new) - Québecoise, 20 yo, dark hair, lightr skin, slim, 5'6'', 32b, 105 lbs, girl next door look, pretty face.

Petra (new) - Middle eastern, 25 yo, long brown hair, olive skin, slim, 5'4'', 34DD natural, 115 lbs.  Pretty face.

Pilar (new) - Latina, 24 yo, caramel skin, slim with feminine curves, 5'4'', 34D natural, 115lbs.

Rachel (new) - Amérindienne/Québecoise, 21yo, 5'8'', 125lbs, 34C. Dark hair, slim with petites curves, pretty face, tattoos.

Rita (new) - Latina, 38 yo, brown hair, light skin, slim with somme curves, 5'3'', 34D natural, 115 lbs.

Rosa- Latina, 33yo,  Brown long hair, 5'5", slim with small natural curves, 34E natural, 130 lbs.  Energetic and genuine personality. 

Sarah - Latina, 35yo, long black hair,  olive skin, slim, 5'5", 34DD natural, 115lbs, beautiful face, very sensual massage skills. 

Saturn (new) - European, 18yo, blonnde, very slim, deep blue eyes, 5'0", 90lbs, gorgeous face, spinner.

Sandra (new) - Québecoise, 18 yo, brown hair, 5'1", 32A, 100 lbs, very slim (spinner). 

Sasha  - Middle East, 24yo, black long hair,  olive skin, curvy, , 5'6", 36D, 145lbs. Pretty face.

Selina - Armenian, 23yo, long brown hair, olive skin, slim, 5'8", 34C, 115lbs,  Very pretty face.

Shakira - Arabic, 33 yo, beautiful blond  hair, olive skin, slim with amazing curves, small waist, 5'6", 34DD (e), 120 lbs, very beautiful, passionate and great attitude.

Sonia, québecoise/ukranian, 22yo, 5'6",125lbs, 34C.  Light hair, fair skin, slim, very pretty face.

Sophie (new) - Quebecoise, blonde, blue Eyes, 34yo, slim, 5’7”, 34C, 115lbs. Love to play, great attitude . Tattoos. 

Stella (new) -  European, 18yo, blonde, 5'6'', 90 lbs, very slim (spinner),  32B, pretty face.

Tennesy (new) - Caribean, 18yo, 5'3", dark skin, 38DDD natural, very curvy, 170lbs.

Teresa - Latina, 31yo,  5’2”, 108lbs, 34DD(e).  Slim, long light brown hair, olive skin, Shy with a beautiful smile.

Valentina - Latina, 26yo, light brown hair, olive skin, very slim, 5'7", 34D, 110lbs. 

Violeta, latina, 24yo, 5'4", 104lbs, 32B.  Light brown hair, olive skin. Very smily and sweet (spinner).